October 22nd, 2009
by svogler



Top of the Pass: Whistler and the Sea-to-Sky Country



Whistler author Stephen Vogler explores the history and contemporary life of Whistler and the the Sea-to-Sky Country. Featuring over 200 stunning colour images by Whistler photographers Toshi Kawano and Bonny Makarewicz, Top of the Pass includes Squamish, Pemberton, Mount Currie and a recreation and cultural guide to the area.

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Whistler Features is a collection of sixteen feature stories by Stephen Vogler with reproductions of sixteen original artworks by Christina Nick and Hugh Kearney. The stories, first published between 1995 and 2000 in Pique Newsmagazine, take a look at the Whistler that lies behind the glossy brochures and manicured village. With topics such as Sports As Religion, the arts in terms of bacterial culture, and a view of Whistler through the eyes of a dog, they explore the life that goes on behind the glitz of a booming resort community. (Out of print – available soon as a PDF)

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